Hey gorgeous – you’re here!


I’m thrilled to welcome you in.

I’m Anita and I write warm and fuzzy romcoms from my upcycled bureau near the glorious Cotswolds.

Most days you’ll find me surrounded by sparkly objects, big dreams and an abundance of Lindt chocolate wrappers. (Honestly, they can’t all be mine!)

And just like you, I love to escape into a story.

That feeling of being pulled in, held tightly and swept along for the ride. Isn’t that just magical? The friendship, the love, the roller coaster of emotions. Following the hopes and dreams of those characters we journey with as they mend their broken wings and learn to fly.

And that’s why I write.

To disappear inside the safe walls of a story and to sneak you in with me. Because real life can get a little crazy at times.

But stories have the power to transport us to somewhere extraordinary and suspend us, as we float on a blanket of words.

(I like to think of it as a holiday for my busy brain! Or a glorious spa day.)

So if you’re ready to laugh, fill your heart with wonder and experience the tingle of somewhere new, I’d love to think my books are your place.

Come and explore with me.

Be My Guest!